{"results":{"recreation":[{"ID":"6446","post_title":"Thousand Springs Sno-park and Nordic Trails","post_content":"OLD WAGON ROAD TRAIL - Easy to More Difficult (7.0 Miles) : Starting at the bulletin board, proceed on the trail past the snow shelter. The Nordic user will follow this combined use section of the Rocktop Trail (Easiest) for 1.5 miles. Since this section is near the snow shelter and the trail head, it can be very congested. Please be cautious and courteous. At 1.5 miles from the trailhead, the user turns onto the Old Wagon Road Nordic trail, which runs for 3.5 miles. Starting on Forest Service land, the trail follows a historic wagon road through Whiskey Creek Camp and into Crater Lake National Park. This section weaves through beautiful old growth trees and sections of the park seen by few visitors. After circling through the park, the trail reconnects with the Rocktop Trail near Thousand Springs. An opening along this section provides a picturesque view of Thousand Springs where many small springs bubble out of the ground. Follow the Rocktop Trail (combined use section) for two miles back to the Sno-Park.

The Old Wagon Road was first cleared by the U.S. Army troops in 1864 as a wagon route from Jacksonville to Fort Klamath \u00ad one of the first roads to cross the Southern Cascade Range. \"Whiskey Camp\", is said to have been named by soldiers after a wagon full of illegal whiskey was emptied into the creek. By the 1870's, the route was being used by early day tourists on their way to Crater Lake. Zane Grey, an author and adventurer, and many others traveled the \"Crater Lake Road\" by foot, horse, wagon, and automobile. By the 1930's, the old route had been replaced by present Hwy. 62. Although some of the abandoned road has returned to forest, ruts and axe-blazed trees are still visible along this section.

JACKPINE TRAIL - Easiest (7.5 miles; 15 round trip) : The Jackpine Trail is the main connection route between Thousand Springs and Farewell Bend Sno-Parks. Starting from the bulletin board, the 7.5 miles (one-way) of trail follows the combined use section of Whiskey Creek (Easiest) for the first half mile before turning into the Jackpine Nordic trail. Three and a half miles down the trail the skier can take the Union Creek Trail or stay on the Jackpine Trail for the remaining 3.5 miles to Farewell Bend Sno-Park. Prior to the Sno-Park, the trail turns into a combined use section for a short distance. Note: There is a very steep downhill stretch on this section, please look this over before attempting.

The Jackpine Trail follows a forest road through a diverse landscape. The skier will travel through heavily forested areas, both young and old. Several large openings along the trail provide areas to some exploring, before returning to the main trail. This section is a very easy ski and is great for beginners.

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Proceeding from Huckleberry Campground, the rider will find a relatively flat area for two miles. Proceed with caution. This area can be dangerous for snow machines as caverns can occur beneath the snow surface.

Along the trail there are views of Ginkgo and Union Creek Canyons, Rocktop Butte, and the Crater Lake area. There is a descent ranging from 2 \u00ad 15 % as the trail winds back to the trailhead.

GINKGO TRAIL # 1093 (10 Miles) : Ginkgo is a loop trail off of the Rocktop Trail. There are views down Ginkgo Creek and a beautiful view of Red Blanket Mountain. The trail extends for 10 miles and has a 1200-foot elevation change before it connects back into Rocktop Trail. Note: This is the lowest elevation trail; be sure to check weather conditions for adequate snow.

1000 SPRINGS TRAIL #1065 (7 Miles) : Thousand Springs Trail climbs at a 3-5 % grade, leaving lodgepole pine and entering into Douglas fir habitat. It parallels the Union Creek drainage, crosses the head of the canyon, and then proceeds slightly downhill to a junction with the Rocktop Trail.

HUCKLEBERRY TRAIL #1066 (6 Miles) : From Huckleberry Campground, Huckleberry Trail climbs at a 10% grade southeast to the top of the divide. At the divide, there is a beautiful view of Ginkgo Basin. The trail then descends at a 5-8% grade, paralleling Grouse Creek.

PIPELINE TRAIL #1067 (11 Miles) : The Pipeline Trail proceeds west out of Huckleberry Campground through second growth conifer forest. The route descends at between 2 \u00ad10 % grade for the first section of the loop then returns to the campground at about the same slope on the backstretch.

WHISKEY CREEK TRAIL #1068 (7.3 Miles) : Whiskey Creek Trail begins at Union Creek. It winds through Douglas fir, western white pine, white fir, and into lodge pole pine. The trail crosses Highway 62 twice, 1 \" miles from Union Creek and again a half mile from 1000 Springs Sno-Park. Crossings are posted with Stop\/Yield signs; proceed with caution. Note: From Union Creek to Hwy. 62, the trail is a combined use section, for both snowmobile and Nordic users.

Snow Sport<\/a>\r\n\t\t\t\t\t\t (within Recreation<\/a>)"},{"ID":"7140","post_title":"Huckleberry Mountain Campground","post_content":"The Huckleberry Mountain Campground offers 12 tent \/ RV sites and 13 tent sites at 5,400 feet elevation. Facilities include well water and vault toilets.","post_name":"huckleberry-mountain-campground","post_type":"resource","slug":"recreation","name":"Recreation","lat":"42.8771","lng":"-122.335","distance":"2.5","permalink":"\/see-do\/recreation\/camping-recreation\/hiking\/huckleberry-mountain-campground\/","terms":"a Hiking<\/a>\r\n\t\t\t\t\t\t (within Recreation<\/a>)"},{"ID":"6388","post_title":"Union Creek Trail","post_content":"The charm of the Union Creek Trail lies in the diverse beauty of Union Creek and the Douglas-fir forest through which it flows. This route will appeal to both fishermen and hikers.

Upstream from Hwy. 62, Union Creek winds along an ever changing channel. Some sections have become dry due to diversion of water caused by the numerous logjams in the creek bed. Logjams can result from timber harvesting, beaver dams, windthrow, and undercutting of tree roots by the stream. Majestic examples of old-growth Douglas-fir and an abundant variety of flowering herbs and shrubs line the trail. Further upstream, the creek bank is well defined by moss-covered volcanic rock.

About three miles from the highway, the trail offers a beautiful view of Union Falls just before turning north for a half mile trek in the forest to the upper trailhead. The trail ends on Forest Road #610, a half mile from its junction with Hwy. 62
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One mile south of the Flat Creek crossing, the trail junctions with a tie-thru trail which leads to a footbridge crossing the Rogue River. This bridge provides access to the Rogue Gorge Trail and the north end of the Natural Bridge Campground. Continuing south on the Upper Rogue River Trail for the final mile of this segment leads to the Natural Bridge Viewpoint and footbridge. This area is one-half mile west of Hwy. 62, accessible by Forest Road #300.

Note: Flat Creek has no bridge and must be waded. Water levels can be high in spring and after heavy rains.
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